Book Marari Beach Resort: A Great Holiday Spot!
17.05.2014 11:34

                                   Book Marari Beach Resort | Image Resource : keralatravelcentre.com

Mararikulam is known as the “beach village” in the city of Alappuza which is a very fertile land attached to a beautiful beach named as Marari beach. It is connected by rail and railway station and it’s near to the Cochin international airport. It is well known for its Ayurveda centre which has holistic therapies and treatments for the needy. Various yoga classes are held at the time of sunrise as well as sunset that helps in the body rejuvenation.

Book Marari beach resort and enjoy the various amenities like air conditioning, mini bar, newspaper, safe, telephone, hair dryer, private bathroom, well maintained fitness centre, tennis court, gift shop, doctor on call, badminton court and swimming pool. There are garden villas and pool villas from which the guests can choose from. The cottages resemble an ideal fisherman’s hut with luxurious interiors and lush facilities. The bathrooms are open roofed with 24 hour hot water supply.
The pool villas have a private pool attached to the rooms where the guests can have a private getaway. Book Marari beach resort and enjoy a cycling tour all over the city and free cooking classes in their style. If you are travelling with your family and you would like to add a bit more adventure to your vacation, then you can seek the help of the travel desk that would help you to arrange for local trips and nearby sights. Book you room today and enjoy your stay amidst the beach village!


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